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1938 GENERAL ELECTRIC 3H76 ART DECO BAKELITE "ITHACA" SYNCHRONOUS ELECTRIC CLOCK   Nice Original Ithaca Farmers #10 Calendar Clock 8 Day Time & Strike with Alarm   Antique Ithaca Hanging Rosewood Calendar Clock   Ithaca Beer Bar Tavern Advertising Man Cave Neon Lighted Clock SIgn   Antique Clocks 1888~ Seth Thomas Ithaca Waterbury Gilbert ~ Collectors Weekly 72   Ithaca Michigan~Courthouse with Clock Tower~1915 Postcard   EARLY 1900s ITHACA CLOCK CO NEW YORK GRANDFATHER STYLE MAHOGANY HALL CLOCK   Ithaca Gun Co. Dealer Clock   ANTIQUE ITHACA FARMERS DOUBLE DIAL CALENDAR SHELF CLOCK   Solid Oak Early 1900's Ithaca Grandfather Clock made by Ithaca Calendar Clock Co   Nice Old Original Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. Hanging Advertising INDEX Dial Board   5 - NORS, New Old Replacement Stock Ithaca Calendar Clock Brass Pendulum Hangers   NOS: New Old Stock, Ithaca Calendar Grandfather Clock Solid Cherry Lower Door   Ithaca Calendar Clock No. 2 No. 3 Regulator Walnut Door One Original Brass Bezel   Ithaca Calendar Clock Co Spring Driven Grandfather Dial in Great Original Shape   Ithaca Calendar Clock Co Spring Driven Grandfather Dial in Great Original Shape   Ithaca Calendar Clock Co Weight Driven Grandfather Dial in Great Original Shape   Ithaca Tall Clock Pendulum # 2   Ithaca Tall Clock Pendulum # 1   Ithaca Calendar Clock Strips   Ithaca Calendar"Mantel"shelf 8 day time and half in Oak 1906 in oak   LIFE AND DEATH of the ITHACA CALENDAR CLOCK CO- Gibbs   Ithaca Double Dial No. 14 Granger Calendar Clock Replacement Base   New Solid Brass Ithaca Trademark Solid Brass Clock Key. # 7 3.8mm   Copy of directions info Prentice Calendar clock, ITHACA & SethThomas 4 pages   Ithaca New York~Students Standing at Cornell University Library~Clock Tower 1912   Ithaca Calendar Clock Co., Ithaca, NY # 8 Hanging Library wall clock Original   Ithaca Cascazilla Red IPA Beverage Beer Logo Sign Round Wall Clock   ITHACA CALENDAR CLOCK PAIR OF GOLD & BLACK DIALS FOR FASHION BELGRADE   CLOCKS Circa 1888 Seth Thomas Ithaca Waterbury Gilbert ID Specs Photo Guide Book   Ithaca College Bombers Tier Round Clock   Ithaca Double Dial No. # 5 Calendar Mantle Shelf Table Clock WORKS   Ithaca Cascazilla Red IPA Beverage Beer Logo Sign Round Wall Clock   Ithaca Cascazilla Red IPA Cola Beer Beverage Bar Pub Club Round Wall Clock   ITHACA CALENDAR BRASS TM KEY SIZE 6 NEW CLOCK PARTS   "Clocks Circa 1888 Thomas Ithaca Waterbury Gilbert Etc." Great Id Book F067b   Weight for Ithaca Bank Model Clocks,Triple Deckers, other Eight Day Clocks   Antique Ithaca Wall Regulator Clock Time Only Runs Oak Case Lots of Glass   Crescent Calendar Clock Hand for 11" Dials, Black, Unbushed, ST, Ithaca, etc   7"- 8" Dial Ithaca Calendar Clock Hand. Fan Pattern   7 1/8" Replacement Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. Arabic Dial Patent 1865 And 1866.   Rare Large Perpetual Calendar Movement for Ithaca Calendar Clock Bank Series etc   ITHACA CALENDAR CLOCK CALENDAR STRIPS FOR MOST MODELS   Ithaca College Bombers Tier Round Clock - NCAA